Push & Robotic Mowers

Get the Best Push & Robotic Mowers in Australia

It does not matter whether your yard is small or large, complex, or simple. We at Greater West Outdoor Power Equipment offer you the best robotic lawn mower that you may have ever seen. When you use our product, you can be sure that you would have the best cut for your lawn every day of the week and every hour of the day.

We help you enjoy the perfect lawn

  • Our robotic lawn mower is as smart as it gets.
  • This is how we help you have the best lawn you could have ever hoped for.
  • Our product is equipped with technology that helps you always save time.
  • This is how you can maintain the best lawn automatically.
  • It does not matter if it is night or day or shinning or raining.
  • Is your yard a complex one – does it have slopes?
  • Even if it does it does not matter because our mower is as capable as it gets.
  • Not for nothing are we the market leader for these products.
  • In conventional mowing, the grass is cut off at once in its entirety after it reaches a certain height.
  • However, our robotic mowers at Luddenham work a bit differently.
  • They just clip a little of the grass every single time and they do this frequently.
  • This is how you have a lawn that is as picture-perfect as it gets.
  • The tiny clippings also help the existing grass by fertilising them after they are returned to the soil.

We offer you cutting-edge technology

  • Our robotic mower is the smart solution that you are looking for in these cases.
  • Once you start using you do not have to worry about mowing your yard yourself
  • You can cross it off the list.
  • It is amazingly easy to operate our products.
  • You can easily make any change or adjustment to these as you want to or need to
  • Our product can be justifiably called the future of lawn mowing.

We are the market leaders

  • It gives us immense pride to say that we lead the local industry for such outdoor power equipment.
  • As a tenured company, we know what you want from us and we are more than ready to give you that as well.
  • We are proud of the work that we have done in the industry so far.
  • We wish to say that we will always be there by your side as far as lawn care is concerned.
  • It is this commitment that makes us the leading name for robotic mowers at Narellan.

The benefits of our products

Our robotic mower can save you a lot of time by maintaining the lawn on its own – this way you have a lot freer time for yourself. Thanks to its clipping method you always have a freshly cut lawn. You can use the clippings from our mowers and recycle them on the lawn – they would act as a natural fertiliser. It is so quiet that your neighbours would never know that it is operating. The parts of our machines are protected, and therefore, they can deliver such amazing results even in rain or other bad weather.

It works in such a way that your lawn is even – this makes it look like a carpet. Their design and big wheels enable them to cut your lawn well no matter how rough or uneven it is.

Some other beneficial features of our products

Apart from being quiet and safe, our mowers are gentle and intelligent. As we have said already, these machines let you enjoy a lot of free time. This means that when you use our robotic mowers at Oran Park it lets you do things that you love doing. If this means simply kicking back and relaxing you can do so as well, without a care in the world. You can always rely on our products to function well. This includes navigating the steepest slopes and narrowest passages with ease. Therefore, with our robotic mowers at St Clair, you can maintain your lawn and garden beautifully.

Letting you enjoy your life to the fullest

So, if you want to purchase a robotic mower that lets you live life to the hilt, please feel free to get in touch with us at (02) 9826 1235.