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Used & Demo Machinery

Used and Demo Machinery in Kemps Creek at Mint Condition

We at Greater West Outdoor Power Equipment know that there are certain situations in life where buying new equipment is either not possible or not necessary. In some cases, it happens that you may not have the budget to buy a brand-new machine or equipment as such. In other cases, you are going to use the equipment so occasionally that spending money on a new one does not make much sense as such.

How can we help you in this context?

  • We are a company that you can always trust in this regard.
  • We are a reliable organisation with years of experience in the domain.
  • We have a proud record of providing the best demo machinery at Kemps Creek.
  • Our support and services are second to none in the region as well.
  • We have a technical service department that thoroughly inspects all the second-hand equipment that we sell in the region.
  • We always replace any part that is worn beyond repair.
  • We know that such parts could impede the performance of the product in question.
  • We always calibrate, test, and clean all the equipment we sell.
  • This makes sure that we are selling only such equipment that would perform well.
  • Therefore, there is such demand for our products and services at Badgerys Creek.
  • After readying the equipment for sale, we rate and categorise its condition.

We carry years of experience in this regard

  • As a company, we have years of experience in dealing with demo machinery at Kemps Creek.
  • To date, we have handled a wide array of such machines and gained a vast amount of knowledge in the process.
  • It is because of this knowledge and experience that we can offer you the best suggestions and advice in this context.
  • This helps you select the most appropriate product for your needs as well.
  • Thanks to our experience we can deliver time and again.
  • Therefore, our customers prefer us to such an extent especially in areas such as Gregory Hills.
  • We are always ready with our demo sessions.
  • We love to show you how we work – the process that we follow in this regard.
  • This way, you also have a great understanding of how suitable our machines would be for your needs.
  • You can understand how you would be able to put them to the best use.
  • This makes sure that you get the best product in terms of quality.
  • We always let you expect what you may need from such machines and convey them to us.
  • This explains the demand for our demo machinery at Kemps Creek.
  • This also lets us make the best possible offer to you in keeping with your needs and other such crucial factors.

A few words on our demo machines and work process

It is easy to install and set up our demo machines. We always send our employees to work with you in these cases. They also provide you with the best suggestions for such work. This also allows you to provide your complete attention to the process of testing. Our used tractor and zero-turn lawn mowers are among the best that you would find in Silverdale. The same can also be said about the handheld equipment that we sell. We always inspect and service the products fully before we sell them to make sure that they are in the best working condition.

Our prices are affordable.

The brands that we stock

We offer these machines from some of the leading brands that you would come across in Australia such as Husqvarna, Toro, MTD, and John Deere.

The help that we provide

If you are looking for the best-used machines in the region, feel free to get in touch with us. We are there on Instagram and Facebook. You can also call us up at (02) 9826 1235 or visit our offices at 1431 Elizabeth Drive Kemps Creek NSW 2178. Our office stays open from 8 am to 5 pm on Mondays to Fridays. During the weekends we operate till 1 pm. You should always tell us what you need from us. Even if we do not have it at that time, we would add it to our list and inform you when we get the same.

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