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Brush Cutters mt Vernon

Powerful & Useful Brush Cutters in Mt Vernon for Manicured, Neat Lawns

Who does not want lawns to look good? Trimmed shrubs, manicured hedges, pruned plants, and trees! 

All these well-cared elements of the garden add beauty to the place. And this is made possible only with the help of beautifully designed, powered brush cutters from different reputed companies like Honda, John Deere, STIHL, Masport, and many more. 

Do visit us for the product of your choice. We have the widest range of brush cutters available that our product range reaches out to every residential and commercial lawn in not only Mt Vernon but also throughout Australia.

Who We Are?

We are  Greater West Outdoor Power Equipment formerly known as Badgerys Creek Mowers. Our business is family-owned and has been helping provide outdoor power equipment to home users, tradies and large commercial professionals alike.

We have grown to be one of the reliable and reputed names in the field of power equipment. We are one of the very few dealers that have power equipment from all the major global brands. The following are some of the top reasons why we are the best in the market—

    • Experience

When it comes to experience, we have been in the business of helping with outdoor power equipment for more than 35 years. 

    • Competitive Pricing

We deal with power equipment from the manufacturers directly. No matter which product you choose, you get the same qua;ity product at the best price. 

We would be happy to offer you a quote. Just ask !

    • Fastest Service

We deliver top-notch services in the quickest possible time frame. We have the best professionals to take care of your requirements and help you select the best product for your needs.

What is a Brush Cutter and When do you need it?

Each one of us likes a garden- lush green with foliage, shrubs, hedges, and plants in different sizes and shapes. This is possible only when these are taken well care of and are trimmed, pruned at the right time. To do this, we need power equipment and one such is the brush cutter.

With the increase in the demand for lawns, people have been aware of how to keep them. Therefore, they make sure that they have mowers, brush cutters, pruners, and all other types of mechanical and automatic power equipment.

But one drawback with mowers is their reachability. It cannot reach out to the corners. In such cases, brush cutters are used. It helps in trimming small trees, foliage, shrubs, trees where mowers cannot reach.

The commercial and residential users use brush cutters in Mt Vernon to keep their outdoor lawns spick and span. These cutters have become an essential powered garden tool with several detachable heads to be used as needed.

Get in Touch with us

Call (02) 9826 1235 for more details on brush cutters in Mt Vernon from different manufacturers. At Greater West Outdoor Power Equipment, you would find high-quality, exceptionally durable, heavy-duty brush cutters from John Deere, Honda, STIHL, Tomy, Gravely, Billy Goat, and many more. Visit our store to know more about what we have in the stock for your lawn.

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