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Power Generators Thirlmere

Portable Power Generators in Thirlmere

An emergency may arise at any time, especially when it comes to power cuts. An electricity breakdown turns out to be a nightmare when you are working on an important project on your computer system. Similarly, there are many other situations when you need a power backup at your home or office just to ensure you are going the right way. So, Greater West Outdoor Power Equipment has a range of power generators in the Thirlmere store to provide you with the one that matches your needs. Many people in and around the Thirlmere region trust and look forward to buying our power generators for their residential and commercial needs equally as it is the ideal power backup source for them. 

Portable generators

Do you ever feel the need for portable power? If yes, Greater West Outdoor Power Equipment has the best portable power generators in Thirlmere.

  • Our generators are of the highest standards and work perfectly for the job site or your parking lot. 
  • They are reliable and apt for your needs. 
  • Our highly efficient generators come with a built-in Eco-Throttle that offers great fuel efficiency while providing maximum power output. 
  • They have a fuel tap to allow units to run dry and make storage. 
  • In addition to this, our power generators have wheels and a built-in handle & powered by four-stroke engines. 
  • These power generators are ideal for varying commercial & domestic applications. 
  • Capacity to run 20 hours continuously. 
  • Few generator models are coupled with an Electronic Fuel-Injection System that delivers high output and the right choice for heavy-duty applications; whether residential or commercial. 


Our company has been in the field for many years and earned a good reputation amongst the residents of the Thirlmere region. Our quality products have won the hearts of anyone & everyone who relied on us for their power generator needs. Anybody who bought power generators from us realised that they have got the best power backup source in an emergency or if they need power backup for camping or their job site. Our reputation in the field helped us establish ourselves as a leading company and people spread a good word about us when they purchase from us. The quality of the products is unmatched, and our generators have a high capacity with the potential to run for long. 


Every buyer seeks a warranty or a guarantee on their purchase and what could be better than a warranty on the power generators in Thirlmere! While all our generators have high efficiency and top performance, they are backed with a warranty that ensures savings in the long run. If the power generator you purchase from our store fails to work, we will repair it free of cost or get it replaced under the warranty period. Undoubtedly, this will let you save money as many other companies charge for the repair of their products and do not offer a warranty for the same. This often lands many homeowners or business owners in a situation where they end up paying for the repair of a generator, they bought only a few days ago.


With so many companies in the market, finding the right one for you can be an intimidating task. However, some people manage to find a good company to purchase power generators, but the real problem arises when these people feel the need for help to understand the operation of these generators. Not everybody is a pro in operating the generators. So, our trained staff is always there for your help so that you can learn to operate the generator for use at home or outdoors. 

Visit our store at 1431 Elizabeth Drive Kemps Creek NSW 2178 and explore the various models of power generators.

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